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[Trlog] Use of VE7CC program to feed TR

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Subject: [Trlog] Use of VE7CC program to feed TR
From: "Tod-ID" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 16:45:15 -0700
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This is for closure on the query I raised earlier today. 

The problem I was having was due to the settings for the COM port. I happen
to use COM2 but the COM Port number is not relative to the problem.

To fix my problem -- which was that I could receive spots but I could not
send them and I could not communicate with the VE7CC program -- I needed to
get the two data streams to match in terms of data rate, character bits,
parity, stop bits and flow control.

The VE7CC program required the statement EIGHT BIT PACKET PORT = TRUE to be
inserted into the TR configuration file.  I had already set the rate = 4800
baud. No other TR configuration file changes were required.[I had already
set up the PACKET parameters correctly for what I wanted]. I next used the
Windows System Hardware Manager to get to the COM2 settings and set them for
8 bits, no parity, 2 stop bits and flow control = NONE. 

Once that had been done I could send responses to the VE7CC program. I found
that I could test this by using the CTL-B hot key to open the Packet Screen
and then type something like "SH/DX" which caused an immediate response from
the VE7CC program.

Settings at the VE7CC end for its configuration file should include checking
the echo radio button so that when you type in the TR Packet Window you can
see what you typed.

Tod, K0TO

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