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[Trlog] FT1000D interfacing

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Subject: [Trlog] FT1000D interfacing
From: "Jasper---NE9U" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 21:47:51 -0600
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Are there any tricks getting a FT1000d to talk to TR successfully via a Yaesu 
FIF-232C box?

I've been trying all night with no luck.  (no problems with same computer and 
my IC765)

The only statements i can think of having in my .cfg file are these:

Radio one control port =  serial one
radio one baud rate = 4800
radio one type = ft1000d

I've been using version 6.73 and included this statement

yaesu response timeout = 100

Tried version 6.96 and took that difference

Anyway, if there is a trick or something I'm forgetting, let me know.  It would 
be nice to be able to create my own bandmap in the 160 contest this weekend 
(guess i could always use my old trusty 765, but wanted to give the "new" radio 
a workout.


Scott  NE9U

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