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Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 11:26:09 -0500
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I used 6.96 this weekend.  

The interface worked great, although after sending QTCs, I wasn't sure why
the call sign remained in the window.  After each batch, I hit <Enter>, Y,
Esc, and my TU message.  Is there a simpler way?

I also noticed that it wasn't possible to change the CW speed once the QTC
process was started.  That would be nice.

Robert K5PI

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Subject: [Trlog] WAE

FWIW I just sent in my Cabrillo log plus the other 2 files required and got
a very good quality report.  The only ? was my score in the Cabrillo did not
match the score from the log (224K vs. 1.2M) so you might confirm that in
your submission.  I used TR7.00.  The only problem I experienced is
something that  I have seen before.  I got the cursor back in the call sign
field late in the QSO process and could not get it out so I had to reboot
the computer both times.  I tried punching a lot of keys, some did nothing
and others sent unknown strings!


Mike W9RE


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