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[Trlog] Linux TR alpha version 0.02

Subject: [Trlog] Linux TR alpha version 0.02
From: Kevin Schmidt <>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 21:22:25 -0700
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I have created the Yahoo group trlinux as a place to put the next release
of the TR port to linux. If you would like to try this out, please become
a member. You will then be able to download the releases from the files
section. If your user name doesn't have your call please include that
in your subscription message. Please don't use the message board of the
Yahoo group -- I don't plan on reading it.  I would prefer any posts
about this to go to the this usual TR list as long as Tree doesn't object.

Here are the alpha version 0.02 release notes. Please note bug fixes
are for bugs I introduced in the port -- not bugs in Tree's original code.

- Initial release based on DOS TR 6.76
- Unoptimized the xterm ANSI move cursor commands. My xterm did not always
work with the optimized sequences, which caused occasional glitches.
Using the unoptimized command makes the display more robust.  I haven't
notice any speed difference.

- Added shift key detection under Xwindows so shift key tuning, shift
key RIT, and ctrl-shift keying work.

- Added paddle input on serial ports. This violates the RS-232 standard
which defines the two logic levels as positive and negative voltages,
while the paddle will only key a positive voltage to ground. But,
according to the ARRL handbook, none of the serial port chips used
actually require a negative voltage on their inputs to get the correct
logic level.  Therefore, I have set up the clear to send (CTS) input as
the left paddle (normally dot) input, and data set ready (DSR) input as
the right paddle (normally dash) input. You need to pull these inputs
positive through resistors.  I pull them up to +12 volts through 10K ohm
resistors (the RS-232 standard requires anything between 3 and 25 volts),
and the paddle keys those inputs to ground. On a DB9 connector they are
pins 6 (DSR) and 8 (CTS). Ground is pin 5.

- Fixed bug where exact calls in CTY.DAT with / did not match.

- Changed default to UTC, independent of your system clock.  The hour
offset should now never need to be used if your system clock is correct,
but I didn't remove it. I also added code so the time set functions
work internally to trlog. Originally these set the DOS system time. Now
it just changes an internal offset. If you exit TR, this will not be
saved. I believe the only reason to change the internal time would be to
type in hand-written logs after a contest. Otherwise, you should simply
set your system time correctly.

- Fixed several bugs related to auto character count cw.

73 Kevin w9cf
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