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[Trlog] TR-Log CFG File for the CW Open

Subject: [Trlog] TR-Log CFG File for the CW Open
From: Jim George <>
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 06:32:37 -0500
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Several folks in the NS gang asked me about this. So am following up on 
both the NS and the TRlog reflectors.

For the upcoming CW Ops "Open" this weekend, I have pulled together a CFG 
file that appears to send and receive the exchange, plus construct a CBR 
file that seems to be okay. It is based on TR's "general QSO fundamentals" 
and so does not calculate the score in the rather strange scoring system. 
So you will not know the score until they report it, or until you calculate 
it manually, but it will work in the contests and the Cabrillo does seem to 
send in the log data in the proper format. I used TR6.93 as the basis.

Contact me off-line if you would like to receive it. Of course you will 
have to replace my call with your call, change the name, etc, but those are 
easy. Mine has the CW messages I will be using, and those are easy to check 
and modify.

Jim George N3BB

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