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[WL-USERS] Cluster spots

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Subject: [WL-USERS] Cluster spots
From: Alan.Maenchen@smi.siemens.com (Maenchen Alan (ITC))
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 11:34:39 -0700

At least with WL you can delete those *#&% SSB and VHF spots from the packet
spot window. In CT and other programs, you're just stuck with them.

I agree that WL could be improved if the packet window would only show spots
that matched the band plan. We could define the band plan with "Band Setup"
to be, say 3500 to 3590, 7000 to 7100, etc so that SSB spots appear outside
the band and do not appear in the spot window.

73, Al AD6E

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From: Fidel Leon [mailto:ea3gip@pobox.com]
Sent: Monday, June 07, 1999 5:48 AM
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Subject: [WL-USERS] Cluster spots

        Well, as no many activity in the reflector, let's start saying some
wishes, and here's a old one: the cluster spots window should have an
"Just contest spots" option hi hi!


Fidel Leon - EA3GIP
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