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[WL-USERS] Node filtering vs Software filtering

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Subject: [WL-USERS] Node filtering vs Software filtering
From: w2up@mindspring.com (Barry Kutner)
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 11:39:31 -0000
Bill - I think you hit the nail on the head! Problem is the packet 
sysops and those within a stone's throw of a node have no idea 
about the disconnects during a contest. I, being abt 25 miles from 
the nearest node, with lotsa guys much closer, feel it all the time.
73 Barry

On 8 Jun 99, Bill wrote:

> A few people responded to my suggestion of node filtering.
> I'll try to explain my reasoning a bit further.
> Maybe the sysop who wrote will correct me if I'm wrong.
> Filtering at the node level before a contest has major benefits.
> By filtering the spot never gets to your computer and does not use
> memory/cpu time however slight.
> But in my view the major benefit is the decrease in traffic among users.
> As the spot does not go to you, your tnc does not have to acknowledge it.
> This decreases traffic and consequently collisions.
> Collision require repeats, and repeats may cause time outs.
> If you are the person who time-out, then you loose connection to the cluster
> and have to take time to reconnect.
> I would consider this a major benefit to a contester.
> Also the non contester who is dxing in a different mode does not suffer
> delays/disconnects.
> This is a benefit to him.
> I would consider it rude to leave your tnc connected to the cluster and not
> even be in the shack the whole time of a contest.
> Filtering at the software level accomplishes the same thing.
> It is similar to the complaint of wasting bandwidth with needless flaming or
> discussions on dedicated reflectors. Or the dxer who works the dxpedition on
> 160 even though he has that country confirmed on that mode four times
> already.
> It's a matter of bandwidth.
> And speaking of bandwidth, I've taken up to much already and will not
> comment further and I hope I have not offended anyone.
> Bill
> come and visit
> http://www.dataflo.net/~w9ol
> or
> http://www.dataflo.net/~judyh

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