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[WL-USERS] Kenwood 570D & Write Log Help

To: <writelog@contesting.com>
Subject: [WL-USERS] Kenwood 570D & Write Log Help
From: malbers@colby.ixks.com (Michael Albers)
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 02:21:51 -0000
John N3WT & Steven WA3TMR

Thanks for the info on the Write Log & 570D.  I tried using LSB as you
suggested, and still do not get any audio to the radio.

I have all my connection into the Aux Jack 2 on the rear.  I am using Pins 3
& for sound card audio in.  Pins 11 & 12 for sound card audio out, and pin 9
for PTT line.  This method works great for PSK.

I also have a serial cable connected to the 570 from the computer Comm 2 for
rig control.  I have Comm 1 connected to pin 9 for key control for PSK.  I
do not have to turn on VOX for the 570 to switch to transmit.  I have
disconnected the PPT cable and the 570 still goes to TX  with the ALT K
window in Write Log.  I think the 570 is switching to TX from the radio
control cable.  Is this possible?

According to the 570D manual, Pin 11 is supposed to be mic input that
cancels the desk mic when activated.  Should this setup work with Write Log
and RTTY?

Thanks again for the help..    Mike K0FJ  k0fj@arrl.net

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