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[WriteLog] A thought on choppy CW

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Subject: [WriteLog] A thought on choppy CW
From: n3hs@qsl.net (Stan Staten)
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 06:50:34 -0500
A while back even my voice was choppy on the DVK.  After some looking at my
system, I found that some programs were loading twice.  In particular Clean
Sweep and Norton Anti-virus were loading twice and apparently fighting each
other or something.  After using MSCONFIG.EXE to clean up the stuff that
loads at startup, all the choppy problems stopped.  I also found that when I
ran a mail program in the background that when it was polling for mail the
DVK voice was also choppy. Don't know if this applies to the CW problem some
are experiencing, but it may be a problem in your system, rather than

73 Stan, N3HS

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