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[WriteLog] Chopped CW - Use of USB Port?

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Subject: [WriteLog] Chopped CW - Use of USB Port?
From: K4IA@aol.com (K4IA@aol.com)
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 11:59:35 EST
Could the problem be compounded by the LPT1 port?

Seems to me that printers print a lot slower than they receive data.  Also 
printers have their own buffers.  Therefore, printers are designed to 
accepting chunks of data sent at high speed but sporadically.  That would 
lead computer designers to give the LPT1 port a very low priority compared to 
other tasks and communication going on in the computer -- the printer is so 
slow the data can always catch up.

Now if you're keying the rig through the LPT1 port, wouldn't the port 
continue to behave the same way?  Since CW (or any communication meant to be 
transmitted on the rig) is sent to the rig in "real time" and at a fairly 
slow rate (1200 bps - 9600 bps), anything other than full and complete access 
to LPT1 makes a big difference at the rig.  There are no buffers in the rig 
to hold data and you don't have any delay like a slow printer.

Would the serial port behave better?  Can WriteLog be configured to use a USB 
port?  I am neither a computer not a WriteLog expert but leave the issues to 
others who may be able to shed some more light (not flame) on the issue.

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