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[WriteLog] Note for M/S WPX RTTY Stations!

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Subject: [WriteLog] Note for M/S WPX RTTY Stations!
From: dwood@cisco.com (Dean Wood)
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 12:16:28 -0800

As N6EE was preparing the Cabrillo log for the
NN6NN M/S WPX RTTY operation, we noticed
one problem with the Cabrillo output from
Writelog v10.29E.

In section VII of the WPX RTTY rules, it is
stated, "Multi-Single log entries must follow
the same serial number scheme and are
required to identify which transmitter made
each QSO in the log."

The way that a Cabrillo file indicates which
transmitter made a QSO is by a number on
the extreme right of every QSO in the file.
(0 for transmitter A, 1 for transmitter B, etc.)

Currently, it appears that Writelog v10.29E
does not append the transmitter ID for
WPX RTTY M/S stations.  This is not a
big problem, however.  Just select
MULTI-TWO in the Category drop down
list when generating your Cabrillo file
in Writelog.  Then edit the Cabrillo file
with a text editor and change

This is probably only an issue with
M/S stations that had a run station
and a mult station.  I don't know how
strictly this will be enforced by W6OTC
and G0AZT in log checking.  Even if
you were in a M/S without a mult station in WPX
RTTY, it is easy enough to use the above procedure
and generate an output which specifically
follows section VII of the WPX RTTY rules.

Hope this was helpful...

-Dean - N6DE

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