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[WriteLog] P38 card

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Subject: [WriteLog] P38 card
From: w2up@mindspring.com (Barry )
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 02:56:06 -0000
I have a P38 in my second station computer. It works very well. Never 
did a head to head comparison with MMTTY, but did compare with my 
KAM when I bought it, and it blows the KAM away.
The only downside to the P38  - it plugs into an ISA slot, which you will 
not find in the newer computers.
Barry W2UP

On 25 Feb 2002 R&TA wrote:

> Hi,
> I have an opportunity to possibly purchase a used Hal P38 card.  I am
> currently using a Kam for RTTY and I have heard many good things about the
> Hal products.  I know it is slightly off topic, but how does the P38 play
> with Writelog?  I have looked through the archives, but I would like a
> little more recent perspective. Also, what is the value of a used P38 card?
> Thanks in advance,
> 73,
> Terry, WK0F
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