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Re: [WriteLog] Telnet problem

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Subject: Re: [WriteLog] Telnet problem
From: Ed Muns <w0yk@msn.com>
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Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 10:58:30 -0700
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Yes, I have had this problem from time to time.  I've also had other
features not work between networked computers.  In all cases, however, the
problem was solved by a tweak to my underlying Windows TCP networking, not
with WriteLog or its version.

Here is a recent example.  In one of my two-computer networks, one of them
would not update its log with QSOs from the other computer.  It also did not
update the VFO frequencies of the other computer in the Networked
Frequencies window.  At the same time, both computers could transfer files
between themselves and do other network operations outside of WriteLog.

Last weekend I happened to look at the 'hosts' file in each computer and
discovered that the computer name and IP address was missing for one
computer in its own hosts file.  This was the computer that worked fine with
WriteLog, not the one with the problems above.  Nonetheless, this fixed the
problem and the logs stayed immediately updated throughout JARTS RTTY.

The hosts file only makes sense of course with static IP addresses because
otherwise you wouldn't know what to insert in that file.  I like to use
static IP addressing when there are XP computers on the network because
there is a bug in the XP network browser that prohibits some of the
networked computers from being listed, even though you can directly address
and access them.  Static IP addressing with all computers listed in the
hosts file solves this.

However, I've also used DHCP dynamic IP addressing provided by a router or
wireless access point and never had these networking problems.  I don't
completely understand the cause/effect but have been able to anecdotally
solve seemingly WriteLog networking problems by configuration adjustments in
the basic Windows TCP networking.

Finally, another anecdotal comment is that on the few occasions I've used
networked Win-Test computers there have never been any networking problems.
I also hear from avid Win-Test users that they never have networking
problems as they did with prior logging software.  Again, I don't know what
the difference is and of course this is all anecdotal information.

Ed W0YK 


Steve K4FJ wrote:
> I am also having the telnet/local network problem previously reported 
> by NU4Y.  I am using WL 11.07 but it may have been a problem in 
> earlier versions.
> Anyone else seeing this with networked computers?

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