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[WriteLog] CW Ops CW Open contest

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Subject: [WriteLog] CW Ops CW Open contest
From: "Gary AL9A" <al9a@mtaonline.net>
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2013 14:56:16 -0800
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I was just reviewing the rules for the CW Open contest at www.cwops.org and 
discovered an interesting link.  If you look down the list of buttons on the 
left side of the page the second one from the bottom is called “Software”.  A 
click on this button brings up a page showing all the various contest loggers 
that support the CW Open contest.  The last one in the list is WriteLog and it 
is noted there is a third party contest module for this event written by K0PC 
that was just updated 7May2013 by K6MM.  The latest version is available at 
this page or at the WriteLog Third Party downloads page.

I also discovered on this page a link for a “Call History File” for WriteLog.  
This file is already an .adi file with the necessary WriteLog variable names 
for the various Entry fields.  In the CW Open the exchange is serial number and 
name.  This history file contains 1,007 calls and their associated names.  Just 
right click on the link and do a “Save link as...” to download it to you 
computer.  The file is named WRITELOG.adi so I renamed it CW Ops.adi.  See you 
in the contest this weekend.

Gary AL9A
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