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FW: FT-890 HF Rig & RTTY/Digital Modes?

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: FW: FT-890 HF Rig & RTTY/Digital Modes?
From: ke7gh@primenet.com (Brian K. Short)
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 13:22:04 +-100
I have an FT-890/AT which I like very much for CW and 
the built-in antenna tuner.  One shortcoming of this rig 
is that it does not include FSK or allow using the 500Hz 
filter in RTTY (that I know of).  

Running AFSK is not troublesome to me and the rig does
provide a nice DATA IN/OUT jack on the rear.  It works
great on all digital modes with the FL-7000 QSK amp.

Is there ANY way to use the 500Hz filter for RTTY/Digital?
How have others overcome this?  I use a DSP audio filter but
I beleive an IF filter would be better.

Any discussion of any type on this subject?  I am very 
interested to hear ANY comments.

73 de Brian

( I also have: FT-990, FL-7000 w/ant switch, FT-736, SP-767, G-5400B, FT-470,
just sold FT-5100 replaced by IC-706, Yaesu Clock, etc...)

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