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FT-1000 Mods.

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: FT-1000 Mods.
From: tticon@wt.net (Barry Williams)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 17:37:04 -0500
My FT-1000D was returned to Yaesu in Feb. 1995 for updates, It is Lot 
8, Yaesu did the updates to Lot 10 specs, and replaced the diodes in the 
front end for an additional 10 db of dynamic range, according to their 
tech.  I also made a change in the filter switching, I do not have the 
250hz.b.w. 455khz. c.f. filter, so I modified the radio to pair the 
supplied 250hz. with the supplied 500hz. b.w. 455khz. c.f. filter.  The 
unmodified radio pairs it with the wide S.S.B. filter.  Anyone want me 
to post that mod?  I am interested in any observations with the 600hz. 
filter in RX-2.  Mine does not seem to have good audio in that 
configuration, switch to the c.w. wide on RX-2 and it seems O.K.  Does 
anyone have the mods. past lot 10?  Thanks for reading this.  
Barry Williams KD5VC.

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