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FT-1000 Mods.3

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Subject: FT-1000 Mods.3
From: tticon@wt.net (Barry Williams)
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 18:09:55 -0500
There is a FAQ on the net which gives mods to all radios.  I did not 
bookmark it so I'm not sure where it is.  Last week the only FT-1000 Mod 
they showed was the continuous coverage transmit.  Concerning the mods 
for the earlier FT-1000s, the tech manual from Yaesu has about eight 
pages of pictures and instructions.  Most address a particular problem, 
such as "VOX malfunction when changing modes" etc.  The tech manual also 
has alignment procedures which do not require a major repair shop's 
equipment.  Otherwise it is larger schematics, p.c. board layouts and 
parts lists.  I was actually somewhat disappointed in the lack of a 
"Theory of Operation" section.  The Kenwood, Icom and Drake Tech manuals 
were all better in that respect.
Concerning the Intermod improvement diodes, it was done by Yaesu for  
the  original owner.  All I have is a note that "Winston" at the Yaesu 
Service Department (310) 404-2700 indicated that they would change the 
front end diodes to reduce intermod by 10db. under warranty.  Then a 
letter stating that the unit had been updated under warranty, and 
mentioning the intermod improvement, probably because it had 
specifically been requested.  No part numbers or locations mentioned.

Sorry to take up so much time with these postings.  Good Luck to All.

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