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FT-1000MP Headphone audio

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: FT-1000MP Headphone audio
From: jjensen@VAX1.Mankato.MSUS.EDU (Joel Jensen)
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 1996 22:24:11 -0500
Thanks for the many excellent responses all!  Andrew seems to have the
definative answer (see quotation below).  I posted for the many others who
seem to share this problem.

Of course, the other solution posed by many was to use different impedance
headphones.  Interesting, I tried everything from low impedance stereo to
my Heil headset.  There was a slight improvement in level with the low
impedance phones, but not the dramatic difference noted by several
The Heil headsets seem to pose the most oft cited difficulties...

Again, thanks one and all!  (I'm going to contact my dealer regarding the mod.)

>Hi Joel,
>  Yes, this is a problem with the FT1000MP. Mine is the same. A mod has
>been produced by Yaesu. I received a copy from GW4BLE just this morning.
>The mod is listed as TB 9617.  It involves changing Two resistors on the
>AF board. Resistors R3042 and R3053 need to be changed from 220K to
>330K. That really is it. I does involve quite a bit of dismantling of
>the radio, and the resistors are Surface Mounted Devices ...aaaaargh!!!
>73's, and good luck if you attempt the mod.
>Andrew Williamson, GI0NWG (+G3OZF - U.K. team for WRTC)
>E-mail     : andrew@gi0nwg.demon.co.uk
>One of the WestNet DX Gang.
>Operations from EU006,007,103,106,124.
>Please call us in the IOTA contest from EU-124 as GW6J.

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