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MP's Mystery Pots ...?

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: MP's Mystery Pots ...?
From: aa4nu@raider.raider.net (Bill W. Cox [AA4NU])
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 13:01:27 -0500 (CDT)
Hi !

>From page 3-11 of the MP service book ...

Looking at the picture of the board ....

I see two rows, with five pots on the top row, and seven on the lower row

Here's what the labels show ... 

 VR6804   VR6802   VR6803   VR6801  VR6812
 VR6807   VR6808   VR6805   VR6806  VR6809  VR6810  VR6811

 Ok, so what are those pots labeled ?

 VR6804 - headphone output level preset
 VR6802 - headphone output level preset
 VR6803 - headphone output level preset
 VR6801 - headphone output level preset
 VR6812 - tuning meter center point

 VR6807 - FM microphone gain
 VR6808 - VOX gain preset
 VR6805 - delay preset
 VR6806 - anti-trip preset
 VR6809 - tuning meter preset
 VR6810 - tuning meter preset
 VR6811 - tuning meter preset

 One note I see regarding "Headphone Output Level Preset" states to
 preset VR6801, VR6802, VR6803, and VR6804 to their 12-o'clock positions.

 That info help ?

 73 Bill AA4NU  aa4nu@raider.raider.net

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