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FT-1000MP CW Frequency Display is offset -- check menu item 3-0

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: FT-1000MP CW Frequency Display is offset -- check menu item 3-0
From: kf3p@cais.cais.com (Tyler Stewart)
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 00:05:29 -0400
>Based on all of the glowing comments from the likes of QST, ON4UN,
>KM9P, N6RO and W6XR, I decided to buy a new FT-1000MP from HRO.  (Both
>HRO and Yaesu were generous supporters of the World Radiosport Team
>Championship, so as a way of saying thanks I plan to give them most of
>my business).
>The more I use the FT-1000MP, the more I like it!
>Important note for those using the FT-1000MP on CW:
>I recommend that FT-1000MP owners change menu item 3-0 (Frequency
>Display) from the factory default ("Offset") to the other choice
>("Carrier").  This forces the VFO to display the true carrier
>frequency rather than "carrier frequency + CW offset," making the
>FT-1000MP's frequency display exactly match what other rigs such as
>the TS-930 display.
>More important, if one leaves 3-0 set to OFFSET, I believe it is
>possible to unknowingly transmit out of band.  Here's how:  say CW
>offset is set to 700 Hz (I personally prefer 450 Hz).  Also assume
>that the CW BFO is switched from USB to LSB by pressing the CW button
>twice (I did this so that the radio tunes in the same direction as my
>TS-930).  Now, when the VFO says 7.000.5 MHz, the carrier frequency is
>really on 6.999.8 MHz!  Ooops.  Setting 3-0 to CARRIER will avoid this
>Other benefits:
>1. Packet spots used and posted will be more consistent with the rest of
>   the world.
>2. Frequency display doesn't change when you switch between USB/LSB/CW.
>Now, I'm new to the radio so I haven't read the whole manual yet.  Please
>educate me if I'm misunderstanding something here.
>Bob, N6TV

I dont think that's correct or I didnt interpret what you said correctly.
If you have it set to carrier, it will display the ZERO BEAT freq.  Since
most of us cant copy code at 0 hz, that's not very practical.  In offset,
as long as your "SPOT" tone matches the RXed tone, you'll be extremely close.
(If it doesnt match, you need to retune something or you'll be calling off
frequency).  I dont think it matters whether you are U or LSB.  This aint
no stinkin' 930!!

73, Tyler KF3P

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