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FT-1000MP 455 kHz 500 Hz CW filter full scale glitch

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: FT-1000MP 455 kHz 500 Hz CW filter full scale glitch
From: n6tv@VNET.IBM.COM (Robert A. Wilson)
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 96 11:44:19 PDT
There are at least two Yaesu reflectors.  Which one should we use?
Let's continue this discussion on the one that generates the most

Has anyone else noticed this behavior on an FT-1000MP?  Whenever
I switch to the 455 kHz 500 Hz CW filter, the S-meter briefly pegs to
full scale while the receiver goes "dead" for about twice as long as
it goes dead when switching to other filters (why it has to go dead at
all is another mystery).

I tried AGC in both AUTO and FAST, but it does not seem to make any
difference in the "dead time" you get when switching filters.  I
disabled the "confirmation beep," but it still goes dead.  FT-1000Ds
also go dead when you switch filters.  They go dead just long enough
to miss a dot or truncate a dash (about 50ms I guess).  I have never
observed this behavior on other radios.

I tried an experiment with two FT-1000MPs.  Both radios had all filter
options installed, including the subreceiver filter.  Radio A had the
"full scale glitch," but Radio B did not.  I exchanged the 455 kHz 500
Hz filters between the two radios.  This made BOTH radios show the
full scale glitch.  Can anyone offer an explanation for this?

Could the orientation of the filters make a difference?  They are
symmetrical; they can be installed in two orientations.  The
installation instructions don't say anything about orientation being
important as long as you get all 4 pins properly seated in each
connector.  The pre-installed 455 kHz SSB filter was "upside down"
compared to the photograph in the manual, so I did the same.

The 500 Hz 455 kHz filter is the only one that shows this glitch.
Switching to any other filter in any other combination never makes the
S-meter jump to full scale.

Bob, N6TV

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