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[Yaesu] Brain damaged FT-2400

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Subject: [Yaesu] Brain damaged FT-2400
From: miker@cc.com (Mike Robinson)
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 97 9:03:28 MST
Hello all,

This weekend my FT-2400 2m mobile that I use as a base
station, got brain damage somehow.

It started out as a squelch thing.  The S bars showed
a signal being received but the BUSY indicator would not
show, and no audio would come out of the speaker.

I turned the squelch down so that it should have been
wide open but nothing and no BUSY indicator.  Powering 
the rig off then on would yield one opportunity to open 
the squelch but then it would return to its previous 
brain damaged mode where the squelch would not open.

I did a second level CPU reset on it:

Power off
Hold down the D/MR and REV/SKIP buttons
Power on
Power off
Hold down the D/MR button
Power on

This definitely reset the CPU.  The squelch problem
is solved but now it is brain damaged in a different
way.  The memory number shows '1' and the frequency
shows 28.000.  The tuning encoder doesn't change the
frequency.  The D/MR button will increment the '1'
until '4' then go into VFO mode but the encoder still
does not work.  If I save the 28.000 to memory 1 the
encoder will change the memory number so I know the
encoder itself is ok.

I tried the third level CPU reset but this is very
unclear.  Remove the top cover, find the split solder
pad on the display board just behind the upper left
corner of the display.  Short across the split pad
while holding the D/MR button down and power on.  
However, shorting across the pad actually turns on
the power.  So I hold the D/MR button while shorting
the pad and the CPU is reset again.  But still no
joy.  The normal frequency setting procedure does
not work.

Is it me or the CPU?

Is the Cerritos address in California the right
address to send the rig for repair?

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