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[Yaesu] FT-1000MP questions

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-1000MP questions
From: wa8msf@ix.netcom.com (Michael Valentine)
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 15:43:35 +0000
Hi Ron!  Here's what I know:

Ron Galbraith wrote:
> Is CW on lsb or usb, and is it adjustable? 

CW mode cane be selected as USB or LSB.  When the CW mode button is
pressed, either the USB or LSB mode button light blinks for a few
seconds.  To change to the other sideband, press the CW button one more

> Is the CW carrier on the same frequency as the side band?  I.E.  do you
> have to change freq by say +600 Hz like some radio's to match freq?

One does NOT have to retune when switching from CW to SSB in order to
answer a cross-mode call.  The indicated frequency changes instead!

> I played with a 1000mp at HRO, and noticed that when you change the display
> to the 70 cm display, it would only tune 428-430Mhz.  What gives?   There
> are alot of EME'ers in Japan who operate in the 432Mhz freq range, and all
> of our weak signal stuff here in the U.S. is 432.1Mhz.  Do the newer models
> display 432?     The 50, and 144 displays seemed to be fine.

This is a minor setup work-around.  If you tune to 26.000 MHz when
engaging the 430 band readout option, 432.000 will show up on 28.000. 
The thing seems to add 402 MHz to whatever the radio is tuned to when
the readout option is turned on.

> When you log a contact using say NA, does the freq appear on the log the
> same as the display?  My question is if you have 144.200 in the display,
> does the computer log 144.200, or does it log 28.100?

I am using Log Windows 3.02 and when I change to 144 from 28 in menu
3-3, Log Windows contiunes to report 28 MHz even though the radio
display says 144.  My 1000MP serial number is 5J020115, indicating 1995,
October, lot 02.
Maybe later lot numbers fix this.  I don't know.

7 3 es cul,

Mike - W8MM - EM79sd

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