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[Yaesu] FT-51R --- Receiver Overload Problem

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-51R --- Receiver Overload Problem
From: mbartels@usgs.gov (Mary-frances R Bartels, Computer Specialist, Denver, CO )
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 09:29:36 -0700
   I posted this question a week or so ago on a Usenet group and got 
absolutely nowhere.  It JUST occurred to me that this group probably is 
the better choice for help.
   I own a 51R that seems to experience receiver overload on the 70cm 
side of the radio regardless of the frequency being used at the time.  
Symptoms are a quick in-and-out (less than a second each) of some signal 
that may be TV, cordless mic, or something.  It occurs occasionally, but 
when it does it essentially renders the 70cm side of the rig useless.  I 
get the apparent overload while I'm at home or away, with or without the 
duck antenna (since the 51R is my base VHF/UHF station I generally use a 
dula-band ground plane antenna in the attic).  Yes, I do live in a 
metropolitan area.
   Lastly (and this MAY be a factor in the problem), I did have the rig 
modded.  I found a mod on the 'net that said the rig could be turned into 
a sort of scanner (which I thought would be kind of neat).  I had this 
mod done, but it did some weird things that I didn't like.  I then had it 
unmodded to just MARS/CAP.  Both mods were performed by someone that 
knows a lot more than I do about these rigs (ie. he is reputable).  The 
radio still shows just about any VHF or UHF + freq if you punch it in, 
but it is deaf as a post much outside what it's supposed to do.  It still 
can transmit (supposedly) on the 1.25 and 23 cm bands as well (still, 
deaf on those however).  I don't know if the mods created my problem or 
not since I had the radio modded very soon after purchasing the rig and 
hadn't played much with it.
   Can anyone recommend any filters, mods, or whatever to help with the 
apparent receiver overload.  Thanks in advance for any info any of you 
can provide.
                                                    Mary-Frances, KI0DZ

PS.  Lesson to be learned... Don't automatically trust mods posted on the 
'net.  Next time I will consider the source carefully before having 
someone mod my radio for me.

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