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[Yaesu] Sub Rcvr in FT-1000D??

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Subject: [Yaesu] Sub Rcvr in FT-1000D??
From: sellington@ssec.wisc.edu (sellington)
Date: 27 Jan 1997 13:56:26 -0600
>   Has anyone else noticed the sound of front-end overload on the Sub-Rcvr
>in the FT-1000D???   Is this normal??    Just installed the Sub CW filter and
>this might take care of some of the problems,  but on a very busy band with
>signals, seems like the sub gets pumped alot.  

I haven't noticed that problem with mine.  

>Also is there a way to set the AGC on the sub,  or is it fixed??   

I believe the AGC time constants are fixed, though perhaps mode-
dependent.  Note that the S-meter only responds to the main receiver,
even when you are listening to the sub-receiver.  That may make it look
like the sub-receiver is being overloaded, but doesn't affect what it
sounds like.  Interestingly, there actually is a sub-receiver S-meter output,
used for alignment, but there's no way to read it on the front panel meter.
One could connect an external meter, I suppose.


Scott  K9MA

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