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[Yaesu] Flashing Display on FT-900AT ... ?

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Subject: [Yaesu] Flashing Display on FT-900AT ... ?
From: M.Gillen@nortel.co.uk (M.Gillen@nortel.co.uk)
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 97 16:34:22 GMT
Hi, all.

   I was using my FT-900AT at the weekend, I had programmed Shannon Volmet into
memory 1 (3.413 USB).  I then pressed the power off button, and the rig switched
off.  However, when I pressed power on, the display came up flashing on and off,
with about a 1/2 second interval, with no audio coming from the spaeker.  I
cycled power and it was fine again, except that memory 1 reverted to it's
default setting (The rest of the memories are fine).

   This behaviour only occurred once, but is not documented in the manual.
Has anyone else ever experienced an FT-900AT coming up with the display
flashing on and off ?!

   Any help appreciated,

 Martin A. Gillen, CHAS (HM50)           -=( M.Gillen@nortel.co.uk )=-
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