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[Yaesu] FT 1000MP with SB200

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT 1000MP with SB200
From: Glenn.McLeod@crc.doc.ca (Glenn McLeod)
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 97 20:43:53 EDT
Hi all,

I would like to ask for a little help from the group. I have an SB200 still
very capable of putting out 700 watts,  I would like to use it with my MP
for RTTY, Pactor and Clover at about 150 to 200 watts that should go easy on
both the rig and the amp. True? So  I looked at the specs for the MP and
there is no way that I could use the MP relay to key the SB200.   I have
purchased a soft key module from Harbach Electronics and  that should solve
the relay problem.  Is that correct?  Now for the ALC.  The SB200 manual
states that the ALC voltage is about 10 volts DC as set by R 11 in the PS
bleeder network., this voltage is set and not adjustable as now configured.
The FT1000 manual section dealing with linear operations states (page 67)
Connect the RF output from the transceiver ANT jack (A or B) to the RF input
jack to the linear. Connect the ALC output from the linear to the EXT ALC
jack on the rear of the transceiver.   After.............. you may need to
adjust the ALC output level of the linear so that it is not overdriven by
the FT-1000MP  Your linear's manual should describe how to do this.

1. does anyone know what voltage the MP wants to see on the ALC line?
2. What is the required ALC voltage and polarity  I need to get from the
SB200 to control the MP?

3. Will the voltage need to be set on each band or will it be a set and
forget situation? e.g. find suitable value for R11  (700 ohms 7 watts) and
replace, or put in a pot.  

4 . Do not tell me to get a FL 7000    my MP is my life's last big toy and I
believe my wife. Plus read caution on page 68, HI. If I get this  wrong
neither my wife or Yaesu  are going to replace or authorize the repair  of
this very fine radio.

        If there is anything I have not covered let me know . As Spock would
say  just be logical.... after all,   all I ever wanted was to live long and
prosper .... Then James T Kirk came along.

Thanks to all in advance and 73    Glenn     VE3GLN

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