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[Yaesu] Yaesu HF Models

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Subject: [Yaesu] Yaesu HF Models
From: drasmussen@eosintl.com (Donald Rasmussen)
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 09:36:20 -0700
To the best of my knowledge this family of radio is distinct for
the other 101's, it came out in 1978 as the 101Z  - no digital display -,
then came the ZD in quick order which came  with the digital display and the
last of the  ZD models  included the WARC bands not just the space for them
as was the case with the original  ZD.  I understand there are close links
between the 101ZD and the 901 family.

Hi Glen,

Well, thats interesting, does your radio have 6JS6 finals? I'm assuming that
the early Z's had 6146 finals and no WARC, and the WARC bands were added to
the later models. I've also heard that WARCs were added in mid production to
the 901's. I'm assuming there are some other models that I havn't listed, no
offense please! Anyway, this fills in the timeline on the Z's, Thanks!

Don Rasmussen WB8YQJ/6
San Diego, Ca.

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