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[Yaesu] FW: New Ham Radio Toy

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Subject: [Yaesu] FW: New Ham Radio Toy
From: morel.grunberg@telrad.co.il (Morel Grunberg)
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 10:35:40 +0300

>From:  Command Technologies Inc.[SMTP:cmdrtech@bright.net]
>Sent:  þéåí øáéòé 18 éåðé 1997þ 02:34
>To:    morel.grunberg@elex.co.il
>Subject:       New Ham Radio Toy
>Hello Morel,
>I'll bet that you are ready for your new amp. We will have
>assembly complete this week, and will begin the final burn in
>and testing over the weekend. Just to make sure that I have 
>everthing correct, I am to send an invoice with the amp, for 
>about $1500.00 and include the Cert. of orgin. I think that 
>signature on this doc. must be witnessed by Notary Public. I
>will have to find someone local to do this as the people at
>Schenker Int. normally do this for me. If you have anything
>additional you want on the invoice, please let me know.
>As for the new Grid Trip circuit, I have the boards in stock.
>The only problem I have is, I am working on the installation
>instructions but, these darn 24 hour days are just not long enough!
>Please say Hello to all the 4X Hams for me.
>Tnx and best regards,
>Patrick J. Stein N8BRA

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