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[Yaesu] FT-920

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-920
From: Sam_Stimson@dell.com (Sam Stimson)
Date: 20 Jun 97 15:01 CDT
     Ok, so I bought one too. And it has all of the same problems discussed 
     previously. However, the service people at Yaesu were real nice and 
     said they know exactly what the problems were and for me to send it in 
     and they would fix it very quickly.
     Also this is an upgrade for me from a TS-450. I think it is great!!!
     I do have one question for the group. Has anyone ever gotten the DVR 
     to record for 16 seconds, as is printed in the manual? Best I can do 
     is 8 seconds. Being from Texas, I caint talk fast enough to record CQ 
     Contest before I am shut off.
     Anyone figure out how to get more time and then how to repeat the 
     recording for a number of loops so you don't have to continue to press 
     the play button.
     Is it me, or does the manual really suck..........
     Sam Stimson

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