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[Yaesu] Desk mike MD100A8X with FT-1000D connections

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Subject: [Yaesu] Desk mike MD100A8X with FT-1000D connections
From: bscott@thor.pla-net.net (Bob Scott)
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 05:45:37 -0500
> I saw that the new YAESU desktop microphone model
> MD100A8X coming with FT-1000MP should be modified
> to work with FT-1000D. As far I know, the mic connector
> pins are similar to both rigs so, why I should modify him ?
>  73 de Morel, 4X1AD

Because (Someone correct me if I'm wrong) on the FT-1000MP and the
FT-920, which is what the MD100A8X is designed to work with, pin 2 is

for +5 volts. On the FT-1000D, FT-990, FT-890, FT-840, etc., pin 2 is

a ground.

Also, just the opposite has to be done to use a MD-1 on a 1000MP or
Pin 2 must be opened on the MD-1 and regrounded elsewhere.


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