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[Yaesu] The amazing Yeasu VX-1R!

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Subject: [Yaesu] The amazing Yeasu VX-1R!
From: n0ygm@juno.com (Kenneth G Knight)
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 23:50:58 EDT
The amazing Yeasu VX-1R!

As with any new technology product such as the Yeasu VX-1R, there are
always pros and cons.  Each one of us will look at a technology unit
differently.  Ultimately, this contributes to advancement and progress. 
This evening KB0VOF and myself were WOWed with our VX-1Rs!

We completed a long range QSO with repeater support of greater than 100
miles from Denver, Colorado to Colorado Springs, Colorado at 0130z this
evening.  Contacts at both ends were full quieting.  Both VX-1Rs were
running standard battery packs.  If specifications were met, both VX-1Rs
were putting out 500mW of RF.    KB0VOF was at an outside location
enjoying the beautiful Colorado evening.  I was in my basement shack. 
Both of us are extremely amazed at this contact, which in all
probability, is a world record for this little amazing radio!  Thanks
Yeasu for the new VX-1R, which adds a new degree of excitement to Amateur

A comment on VX-1R receiver:  Make sure that the mode setting is correct
for the frequency in a specific band.  For example, I found the 223.5MHz
was set AM, when I really wanted NFM, as this is the Amateur FM Simplex
frequency.  After making the change in the menu, reception was greatly

Thanks to Gerry, KB0VOF--DM79, for completing this test with me this
evening.  The amazing Yeasu VX-1R showed its transceiver capabilities
this evening!  Truly amazing!

Ken, N0YGM--DM78ov

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