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[Yaesu] Other uses for FT-1000 DVS-2 connector?

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Subject: [Yaesu] Other uses for FT-1000 DVS-2 connector?
From: kartys@ncr.disa.mil (Steven Karty)
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 97 08:14:35 EST
     1. I was just wondering if the FT-1000's DVS-2 connector can be used 
     as an additional transmiter input (on the pin 1 VOICE IN) and receiver 
     output (on the pin 2 VOICE OUT).  
     2. If so, do I have to put any certain logic levels on pins 5 and 6 
     (CNTL 1 and 2)?  
     3. What are the audio input and output levels?  
     4. Is there an easy way to mute the front panel's microphone input 
     when I'm using one of the input connectors on the back panel?  
     5. Would I have to select any particular MODE, in order to use the 
     DVS-2 connector?  
     Thanks,   Steven Karty - N5SK

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