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[Yaesu] Re: Why no PTT on my FT-1000MP

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Subject: [Yaesu] Re: Why no PTT on my FT-1000MP
From: N6NT@worldnet.att.net (N6NT@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 15:33:36 -0700
Many, many thanks to all of you who wrote so quickly to try to help me
out with my MP.  The problem is now cured and things are back to normal.

It turns out that when I bought my MP, there was a package deal on that
included a "free" MD-100 desk mic.  The audio quality from this mic is
actually pretty good, and I get much better reports on it than I do on
my Heil HC-4.  It doesn't make any difference, though, because I almost
never operate sideband.  Almost never.  Except for yesterday (Saturday),
when I got on for a short while to pass out some Qs during NAQP.  I got
tired of that in a quick hurry, though, and after about 20 minutes
turned everything off and put the mic up on the shelf above the rig,
but  still connected to the rig.  What I didn't notice was that when I
put the mic on the shelf, I accidentally pressed the "Lock" button (for
PTT) on the base of the mic.  Well, it turns out that if you power up
the MP with PTT held down, it will behave exactly as I described in my
post.  All you have to do is release PTT, and the rig goes back to
normal.  Duh! 

Kudos to N6TV, who walked me through everything and finally hit on the
solution.  Most impressive was that he was able to discover this without
saying things like, "You dummy!"  A couple of other people wrote in
about my post and coyly asked if I had a MD-100.  Somehow, I suspect I'm
not the only one who has been down this path.

I guess I'll just stick to CW in the future!  Thanks for all the help.  

Bruce, N6NT

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