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[Yaesu] MP TX Audio

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Subject: [Yaesu] MP TX Audio
From: dennis.edey@b130.aone.net.au (Dennis Edey)
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 06:53:45 +1100
G'day fellas,was wondering if any one has had a "THIN AUDIO" report in rgds
to their FT1000MP. ?? i am using a Heil HC-5 insert in a boom mike
affair,and have had reports of thin audio,i have even shifted the carrier
point TX freq, up to -300hz,all with no DSP selected on the TX side,but with
the EDSP energized..
but i have found if you SHUT off the EDSP completely...(losing the RX
benefit of the DSP)
the TX audio comes somewhere near my FT990 ?
has anyone played with different MIc inserts ??any tricks iam missing..
any info please,as iam thinking abt a FT1000D...

de Dennis VK4SX.

Email;  dennis.edey@b130.aone.net.au
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