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[Yaesu] ft900

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Subject: [Yaesu] ft900
From: lmenzel@millcomm.com (Larry Menzel)
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 12:15:52 -0600

I don't recall anyone replying to your request for the all-band transmit
mod for the FT900.  So here it is:

1. Turn the radio off and remove the top cover.
2. On the top, inside front, find control board #1.  
3. Locate pins 3001 and 3002 and jumper them.
4. Simultaneously depress PROC + ATT + IPO + NB.
5. Turn the radio on.
6. Look at the display and turn main tuning knob until it reads ON.
7. Depress PROC and release.
8. Remove the jumpers from 3001-3002.
9. Test for transmit capability and replace top cover.

Good luck.

Larry N0XB
Northfield, MN

At 10:41 AM 9/25/97 +1100, Dennis Edey wrote:
>G'day fellas,can anyone out there enlighten me in rgds to the ALL band TX
>mod for the ft900??
>tnxs in advance
>de dennis
>Email;  dennis.edey@b130.aone.net.au
>Also use ICQ 
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FAQ on WWW:               http://www.qsl.net/k7on/yaesu.html
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Problems:                 owner-yaesu@contesting.com
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