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[Yaesu] FSK/AFSK

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Subject: [Yaesu] FSK/AFSK
From: WmLB@prefer.net (Bill Brannick)
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 1998 13:58:47 -0800
I recently hooked up my FT-990 to a KAM-PLus using the pinout data
provided by Kantronics. I have "AFSK" on the Kam connected to Pin #1
(Data In) of the Packet connector on the 990. I also have a single
conductor going from Pin 1 on the 990's RTTY connector (FSK Out) to the
"FSK" pin (#5) on the Kam. 

So.. my question is .. if I wanted to do so, how do I toggle between FSK
(mark and space tones generated by the 990's internal tone generator)
and AFSK (tones generated by the Kam)? Is it simply a matter of
selecting  RTTY/LSB  mode on the 990 for FSK and Packet/LSB for AFSK?
(or visa-versa) Or maybe the very precense of a FSK input from the 990
dictates FSK operation and over-rides any tones generated by the

Setup-wise. I have the SHIFT parameter on the Kam set to "Modem" and
the  MARK/SPACE parameter settings on the Kam are 2110/2310. On the 990
I have the Packet FSK Tone Pair dip switches set for 2110/2310. I have
the RTTY DIP settings set for a 170 Hz shift with the  AFSK Low tone set
at 2125. My understanding is that if I have RTTY/LSB selected on the
990, my tones will be 2125/2295 resulting in a 170 Hz shift which is
optinum for RTTY/Amtor. If I select Packet/LSB mode I will be using the
2110/2310 tome pair. (200 Hz shift ...optinum for Pactor/GTor/Packet,

This could all be much to do about nothing.. but I would like to
understand what detirmines FSK operation and non-FSK operation.

Thanks for any knowledgable replies on this one.

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