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[Yaesu] New Warranty Policy

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Subject: [Yaesu] New Warranty Policy
From: cluett@mv.mv.com (Jim Cluett)
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 06:49:24 -0500 (EST)
Yaesu has a new warranty policy. They will be pay shipping both
ways for warranty service. Previously, you had to pay to ship to
them; they would pay to return it to you.
Yaesu management hasn't told its customers about the policy. They
didn't even tell their customer service people.
Mr. Mikio Maruya, vice president of Yaesu, confirmed the policy
to me in a letter of January 7, 1998. "Please be advised that yes
it is true, we did change our policy. In the U.S. when customers
purchase our radios and if the radio does not work properly then
of course we will reimburse shipping charges; (UPS/ground or
regular parcel post only)!"
This policy has actually been in place since last July. I was
told about it by the president of the company.
But when I called to send my FT-8100 back for service the second
time, the customer service people told me they didn't know
anything about it. So I wrote Mr. Maruya to confirm that it was
in place.
If you need a copy of these two letters, drop me a note. I'll
send you a photocopy.
My Ft-8100 had to be sent back three times. I had so many
problems I asked them to replace the radio. They declined
and I have since purchased an Icom 2710 which has been
flawless so far.
Jim, W1PID

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