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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-1000MP - S-METER ACCURACY
From: k5rov@worldnet.att.net (Jim Parsons)
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 18:02:49 -0600
There is one time when I find an S-meter reading useful. When a station is
testing antennas, power output, etc, and asks for comparative reports, I
watch the  S-meter. The ear cannot recognize changes in signal strength
that the S-meter can. Of course, even then there is the chance for QSB,
etc. But, at least I can give the other station an idea of the amount of
signal change better than my ear can. 

Jim, K5ROV

At 05:30 PM 2/11/98 +0100, Tucker, Donald S wrote:
>> Hyper accurate s meters would probably cost 1000.00 dollars or more,
>> so
>> the meters we have in our rigs are really "approximate meters". That
>> being said, for me, the signal report on either ssb or cw is a really
>> fun and interesting part of the QSO. I also very much enjoy hearing
>> about the stations working conditions, especially the antenna part.
>> Just
>> my opinion.
>> 73 ... N1MSV 
>        Right, I should care what my signal strength report is. Just be
>sure you have my call  correctly entered in your log, particularly if
>you are a new country or county or prefecture or whatever.  Is there an
>award for 59 or 599 reports? I give my s-meter reports as very strong,
>strong, kinda strong, and can barely copy you. If you want a number
>you'll get it, but what meaning does it really have since it all depends
>on band conditions, receiver, antenna and a multitude of other
>       Don W7WLL.   
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James (Jim), Parsons, K5ROV USAF, Ret.
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JOHN 3:16

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