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Subject: [Yaesu] Yaesu HF Rigs
From: wd6dih@ix.netcom.com (Kevin Karamanos)
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 00:08:23 -0800
Hello Jack,

The info you heard second hand about most Yaesu HF radio's being 
discontinued is totally false.  Let me set the record straight.

The FT-1000/D will be around another 3-4 years.
The FT-1000MP will be marketed for a long time.
The FT-920 is only 1 year old, so this also has many years left.
The FT-900/CAT is due to go away in May/June of this year.
The FT-840 has many years to be marketed.
The FT-736R will probably go away later this year, But remember this 
radio has been on the market for over 10 years.

Last but not least... The exciting new FT-847 will start shipping in the 
U.S. in early March.

Best Regards and 73's,

Kevin Karamanos
Director of Sales and Marketing

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