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[Yaesu] RE: FT-1000D Notch

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Subject: [Yaesu] RE: FT-1000D Notch
From: Setzler_James_M@code80.npt.nuwc.navy.mil (Setzler, James M)
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 08:44:03 -0500
I checked this on my FT-1000D last night.   

I noted the same basic phenomenon, except in the opposite direction.
Except for this, my notch control (as well as the rest of the radio)
seems to work as it should.

When the notch control is off, the maximum indicated signal strength on
the S-meter reads higher/stronger when the notch control is fully CCW
versus fully CW (this is the opposite of Art's observation).  I noted an
approximate 1 S-unit reduction on the meter when the notch control was
turned fully CW.  On a  band that has enough noise/signal to get an
accurate S-meter reading (i.e., 80 meters), I did not notice any audible
difference between fully CCW versus fully CW.  On a quiet band (you
can't get much quieter than 10 meters these days), the band noise is a
little higher/stronger when the notch control is fully CCW versus fully
CW.  The difference is slight but noticeable (probably about 1 S-unit).

73  James / k1sd


> ----------
> From:         Arthur F. Wildblood
> Sent:         Thursday, February 26, 1998 5:38 PM
> To:   Setzler, James M
> Subject:      Re: FT-1000D Notch
> James, tnx for yr response.  Please let me know how yr radio works
> when 
> you get hands on.  I do not use the notch function much, but it does 
> work when I do use it.  The NOTCH indicator above the push switch does
> work and is off when the phenomenon described in my posting occurs.
> Tnx 
> agn & 73.  Art/W4AA

Setzler wrote:


You didn't mention it, but does the notch work properly otherwise?  Does
it provide a notch when the button is pushed on?  Does the notch
indicator light work?

I've never noticed this on mine,  but I don't use the notch that much
either.  I'll check specifically check for it tonight.

73  James / k1sd

Arthur F. Wildblood (artw4aa@ibm.net)
 Thu, 26 Feb 1998 08:23:29 -0500 
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Previous message: Kevin Karamanos: "[Yaesu] Yaesu HF Rigs" 
In USB, LSB, and CW modes (others not checked) with the NOTCH push

 switch off and tuned to band noise on any band, rotating the NOTCH knob

 on my FT-1000 seems to effect the rx signal strength.  The difference
 noticeable to the ear, and the S-meter indicates about a 3-5 dB

 difference.  Band noise is strongest with the NOTCH control in the full

 clockwise position and weakest with the NOTCH control in the full CCW

 position.  This occurs when using any bandwidth selectivity.  All other

 controls are in their "normal" positions.  According to the "Operating

 Manual", the NOTCH control, which is supposed to set the notch

 frequency, should not be active when the NOTCH push switch is off.  Is

 this a problem with my FT-1000, or do all FT-1000's work this way?

 Does anyone know what's going on?  Tnx, Art/W4AA

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