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[Yaesu] FS: Yaesu FT-890/AT w/ FP-800, 2nd FT-890/AT

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: [Yaesu] FS: Yaesu FT-890/AT w/ FP-800, 2nd FT-890/AT
From: jcwren@atlanta.com (John "Chris" Wren)
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 23:29:39 GMT
For sale:

        #1:  Yaesu FT-890/AT with FP-800 power supply/speaker.  This
radio has the factory mod that puts PIN diodes in the receive path for
quieter reception, the mod to put the tuner in the receive path, and
full TX coverage.  Electrically, the radio is a 10.  Appearance is
about a 9, maybe 9+.  Has a few small scratches on the case, but
really nothing beyond normal wear.  Has manual and microphone, no
power cord (the power supply has one built in), and do not have the
original box.  The power supply is a 9+, and produces the rated 20
amps.  $1000.

        #2  Yaesu FT-890/AT.  Has the 500hz CW filter.  No mods.
Electrically it is a 10.  Appearance is 9+, with exception of the
lower case that has scratches from the mobile bracket.  Radio was
recently at Yaesu for a full checkout.  Includes manual, microphone,
power cord, original box, mobile bracket.  $850.

        Both radios produce more than rated power (100W), and are dead
on frequency across the bands.  Both have the 1.21 firmware (which is
the only release I'm aware of).

        Buyer pays shipping + COD.

John "Chris" Wren, KD4DTS
770-945-8288 (H)
770-840-9200 x2417 (W)

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