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[Yaesu] Half Dead FT-101

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Subject: [Yaesu] Half Dead FT-101
From: Shephed@aol.com (Shephed)
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 23:15:08 EDT
I have a FT-101EX that has dropped power out from 20m to 10m.

I installed a pair of final valves in the radio, after a warm-up I went to
adjust the neutralization as per the manual. (These were OEM tubes, and did
not need the modification)

During this I noticed that the coil was starting to smoke a bit. I stopped,
and after letting it cool down I noticed that the tap wire for 10m to 11 was
burned out, and the tap wire for 15m had moved in-between two of the coils

I replaced the 10m to 11m wire, and cleaned the solder from the 15m wire. I
looked for any burned components, and replaced the original tubes.

After a warm up, I checked and have receive on all bands. Power out on 40m to
160m checks out fine, but 20m to 10m has either no power out or its a few
watts. I re-neturalized the tubes but still no output.

Any tips or advise would be a great help, I'm missing some good 15m DX. :-)

Dan, N8VZU

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