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[Yaesu] FS: YaesuFT-900/AT (CAT) Price reduced.

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Subject: [Yaesu] FS: YaesuFT-900/AT (CAT) Price reduced.
From: W7TS@ibm.net (Ken Kinyon)
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 11:31:32 -0600
I apologize for posting this again so soon.  However, I was not aware that this 
radio was recently  discontinued and  had been
available at reduced prices. Therefor, I have lowered my asking price to $850 
plus shipping.

I have for sale a very nice FT-900/AT.  I purchased the radio in 12/95 shortly 
before the FT-900/CAT became available.  I have since
updated it by adding the YF-115S Collins SSB filter.  I originally bought the 
radio to use mobile.  However, I never installed it in
the vehicle.  The only use it has seen in the two plus years that I have had it 
is for about two weeks on two different occasions at
my home station while my primary transceiver was being repaired. I have been 
able to find only two small pinpoint scratches on the
rear of the left side.  Other than that and some dust it is near to new 
Included are:

        FT-900/AT with standard Mic.
        YF-110C 500Hz CW Filter.
        YF-115S Collins SSB Filter.
        YSK-900 Remote Kit
        FIF-232 RS-232 interface.
        MMB-20 Mobile Mount.


Kenneth E.  Kinyon - W7TS
34 Princeton Circle
Longmont, CO 80503-2106
Voice/fax  (303) 684-0037
E-mail W7TS@ibm.net

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