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[Yaesu] New FT-1000MP (long)

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Subject: [Yaesu] New FT-1000MP (long)
From: morel.grunberg@telrad.co.il (Morel Grunberg)
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 10:11:07 +0300
Few days ago I received from U.S. a new FT-1000MP. The S/N is
7N250078 ( manufacturing date: december 1997 ).

I have also in my shack a  FT-1000D and another FT-1000MP both
manufactured in 1995. The 1995 FT-1000MP CPU version is 1.26
with pre-delivery update from 951120c2, while the new one has
1.30 CPU version with pre-delivery update from 980105c2 ( jan. 98).
The older MP S/N is 5L030244. The older 'D' and 'MP' will leave the
shack next week or so.

Some people on the reflector asked for CPU version and differences
so, this is my answer:

There are few small differences between the two MP's:

* the newer rig has a transverter switch on top panel for disabling
the RF power final stage ( on older version, the owner has to make a 
trace cut and use an external switch ). The manual was also updated
on Trv operation.

* the FH-1 remote control unit was added on newer manual

* two menus were added to EDSP : 1-7 ( selection of AGC decay time)
  and 4-2 ( a beep tone tuning feature was added ) 

* the newer manual has a plastic-made quick reference user guide
for the menus and submenus, arranged by features, not by menu #.

* a flyer giving starting points for EDSP TX settings is included with
the manual.

* some of the menus/submenus names and/or abbreviation are 
displayed little bit differently on LCD.

* the monitor has less audio hiss than older MP but still noisier than
the FT-1000D monitor.

* the Packet connector wiring was corrected on new manual

* no 'birdies' were heard from 1.8 to 30MHz ! 

* the new 'MP' has the final bias voltage as described in the service
manual; the older 'MP' has abt 200mV less bias and I beleive this is
the reason behind of an abt. 2dBs difference on TX IMD.
Common problems to both versions:

* Unfortunately, both operating manual are equally poor and full of
ambigous,incomplete or simply wrong explanations. The explanations
on majority menus / sub-menus operations and EDSP advanced
features are simply a shame for this nice rig. On newer manual they
are few inadvertencies between some menu instructions in manual
and what's really displayed on LCD.

* While the newer MP has the RF PWR control mod installed, he's
simply not working as described on RF Speech Processor setting
instruction. The only good thing is that carrier level control is quite
liniarly controlled by this knob. It's a pity that the good FT-1000D'
4- separate knobs control of Mic gain, Processor in/out level and
RF PWR concept, wasn't implemented in MP too.

* The poor frequency stability I feel on older MP, remains the same
with the newer. I can feel slight drifts even after 4 hrs of operation.
strongly feel that for a $3500 class rig, a 10ppm frequency stability
tolerance it's not admissible and the 2ppm TCXO-4 should be built-in.

* The annoying tuning clicks are the same ( eg. 14172, 14274 or
21300kHz ). Don't know if it's a synthesis problem or something else.

*  no flexibility improvement on 7-7 menu ( the SSB RX still cannot
be setted for 200-3100 or 200-2800Hz while SSB TX cannot be
setted for a 2800 hi-cut - bad for popular Heil mic owners ).  

* no medium position for Display brightness - the 'h'i it's too high and
the 'low' it's too low, hi, hi . But this it's a highly subjective

* same audio feedback problem when used with Heil Proset with 
un-modified headphones elements ( monitor level control can be 
used until 11o'clock setting, only ). This problem doesn't occure on
FT-1000D with same Heil Proset so, cannot be related to only Heil
headphones impedance problem.  

* while  FT-1000D can be used in my QTH without IPO and/or
18dB attenuattor for LW-MW receiving, both MP's front ends are
totally oveloaded by local BC and same freq.range can be monitored
only with IPO and maximum attenuation inserted with no relation to
'flat' or 'tuned' front end amplifiers.

* finding an optimum setting when using TX EDSP it's a very laborious
and time consuming job for 'perfectionists' hams. 

73 de Morel, 4X1AD

P.S.:  Can someone explain me what are the functions of the 9-0
          to 9-9 hidden menu ? Also, what Vcc/Mic metering is showing
          on Mic position ?

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