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[Yaesu] Fw: MP mod for reduced noise.

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Subject: [Yaesu] Fw: MP mod for reduced noise.
From: DJ2001@aol.com (DJ2001)
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 15:26:58 EDT
I just dont understand where or what this noise you guys are talking about is.
I have a MP and a 775 sitting within 3 feet of each other and have compaired
the radios using the same ant and speaker.  The MP is just as quiet or maybe
even quieter than the 775.  It (the MP) is one of the most quiet radios I have
ever heard.  Maybe there is somthing wrong with yours or it has been tampered
with, Unless some of the earler lot # had some differnt alginment.  I am sure
happy with mine and I wouldent even begin to do any modifing especally for

Dale J.

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