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[Yaesu] MP AF Output

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Subject: [Yaesu] MP AF Output
From: dgeorge@freenet.carleton.ca (dgeorge@freenet.carleton.ca)
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 07:14:35 -0400
Hi All,

        I'm trying to record from my MP to a sound program (Cool Edit 96)
via a 16-bit Sound Blaster Audio Card.  Recording from a Mic direct to the Mic
input on the card works fine but when I connect the "Line In" sound card
jack to the "AF OUT" rig jack via a stereo audio cable there is a loud hum
created in the speakers connected to the sound card and I can only just
hear the rig audio thru this.


1. When I plug the patch cord into the sound card and leave the other end
unconnected there is no noise thru the computer speakers.  

2. When one touches the free plug (the one to be plugged into the rig) here
is a low level hum thru the speakers.  

3. When one plugs the free plug into the rig (powered OFF) there is a hum
at a higher level than the one heard if one just touches the free plug.
This hum  starts as soon as the plug first makes contact with the AF OUT

4. When the power cord is removed from the rig the hum level is reduced but
NOT illiminated. 

5. Hum is not affected by powering the rig ON.

        Would very much appreciated any suggestions.

        73 . . . David VE3UOL

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