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[Yaesu] FT1000MP with BPF-1 external; modified unit in CO 9/1998

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT1000MP with BPF-1 external; modified unit in CO 9/1998
From: dgf@netcom.com (David Feldman)
Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 07:18:55 -0700 (PDT)
Masa asked me to forward this message to the list; he is planning on
visiting WB0GAZ QTH in Denver, Colorado during the weekend of the
September VHF QSO party. He is arriving about 9/13/1998 and staying
through the weekend. Masa will have his FT1000MP with external
BPF modification with him at that time. If anyone on the list is
interested in seeing the unit and is in Colorado at the same time,
they are welcome to come by my house.

73 Dave WB0GAZ dgf@netcom.com


>From: Masayuki Uchida <muchida@postman.riken.go.jp>
>To: DJ2001@aol.com, dgf@netcom.com
>Cc: muchida@postman.riken.go.jp

>Dear OMs:

>I re-contacted Yaesu WDXC.   Mr. Shinohara, Manager, WDXC, answered.
>He promised to send me the informations of "External BPF Unit" and
>FT-1000MP modification.

>He kindly approved the translation of the documents to English.

>And, he said, they can accept my order of finished BPF unit for US
>FT-1000MP owners.   However, it is unofficial product of Yaesu, then
>no warranty.

>On the contrary, he does NOT recommend the mod of FT-1000MP by owner.
>It is possible, but not easy.   It is required to open a hole on the
>rear panel of the set ... And, of course, modification must be done
>under owner's own risk, except for asking mod to WDXC.

>My proposal is,

>I have a plan to visit Colorado in September 98, with BPF unit and
>modified FT-1000MP.   If some FT-1000MP ower comes to Colorado while 
>my stay in there, I can accept exchanging my FT-1000MP with BPF for
>his/her conventional FT-1000MP + the costs of BPF and mod.

>This is the most reliable way, I think.   This modified FT-1000MP
>will become a good sample to the owners in US who are considering to
>add BPF unit by thier own hand.

>73, Masa JO2AJT/WH2O ex-JL7CLE muchida@postman.riken.go.jp

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