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[Yaesu] CAT and FT-847

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Subject: [Yaesu] CAT and FT-847
From: Laurent LABOURIE" <f6dex@csi.com (Laurent LABOURIE)
Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 07:50:36 +0200
About the FT-847

It is not possible to retrieve current operating conditions (Frequency,
Modes...) except S-Meter and TX status.
Note that the FT-847 is featured with a CAT control mode (like
FT-767/980/736). When under CAT control mode you can't manually control the

I am updating FT-Manager (untested) so it displays the right frequency but
dual control should  not (?) be possible.

Laurent Labourie
Amateur Radio Station F6DEX

"I have just received my FT-847, and have so far been very pleased with it.
I have checked the manual for the CAT commands, to me it seems like there is
no way of reading the radios frequency. Is this correct? Please tell me that
I am wrong!
73 de John / LA6MP"

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