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[Yaesu] FT-8500 Mute/Channel Select

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-8500 Mute/Channel Select
From: KF0FX@aol.com (KF0FX)
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 10:19:50 EDT

Thanks to everyone who provided input on the FT-8500.  Now that I have

Please tell me it isn't so.  It appears that the FT-8500 can be programmed to
mute either the VHF or UHF band when both are receiving a signal.  What I want
is for the FT-8500 to mute the sub-band which I'm not transmitting on.  My
Kenwood 742 does this, I just assumed the FT-8500 would work the same way as
well.  It seems a major inconvenience to go into the menu system to reprogram
the auto mute band when switching the main band.

Next subject.  The memory channel select buttons and knob on the display only
select from channels within a 10-channel band.  It appears that one must use
the FS-10 joystick to select between bands.  Is there any way to change this
behavior?  What I want to do is when I press up or down, that the next highest
or lowest channel is selected even if it crosses band boundries.  If I can't
get this to work, the FT-8500 turns into a 20 channel radio for me.

I did get the ADMS-2 software.  Can any mods be applied via the software, like
the VX1-R, or do they require a physical hardware change?

Once again, thanks in advance for any help!
Chris, KF0FX

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